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Norwegian Rental marketplace

You can rent out your free spaces which are not in use and lot more, and earn can announce your free listing.Airx do the rest


Add a Listing

It is ver easy to add a listing, wrire titel, deside price, write your rules and specifications, upload pics and get it published.

Get it booked

When you have added a listing, people can find, book and pay. You confirm the booking, og deliver as per agrement.


When you have delivered and user has marked listing complete. then every thing is done and money is in your account very soon.

How does it works for users

Find listing

Easily find listing via search and location or by clicking on categories

Book and Pay

Book and pay easily and safely in the app and get Booking confirmed by listing owner.


When booking is confirmed then listing owner will deliver as per agrement. Its done.

Rental on

Rent Jacuzzi/Svømmebasseng

It can be expensive to have a jacuzzi/Spa/Svømmebasseng. Lpt of people in your area can rent it out to you.Its easy, you find one on, book it, enjoy it.

Rent selfstorage

There are lot of people who have spare space in the area where you liv. You can easily rent. Find one, book it, take over and use it

Rent Event Hall is a plateform which provides oppertunity to publish your venues and get these booked online. Its easy and safe.

Rental on

Rent Parking

Finally; Now you can rent and rentout parking space. Lot of people have car but dont have parking and lot of people have parking but dont have car. give you both the oppertunity. Find one near You.

Rent Office

Lot of companies have spare office space, give them oppertunity to rent it out.

Rent Art

Lot of People and gallires have beautifull art, now they can rent it out, lot of companies can rent this beautifull art from People or galleries on monthely basis.


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