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How it works

How it works

How does it work

Here you can find more information about how works or works

The web service has two types of members; landlords and tenants. It has two languages. You who want to register as a member can choose to use Norwegian or English.

Users can be landlords and tenants at the same time.

Once logged in, you can create one or more ads. Posting ads is lame for free.

You can select category, write all details and publish.

Advertisement publishing

Admin of airx can choose to allow all ads to be published automatically on or can choose to activate a function that allows the admin to check each ad and have it published on It is for the user's safety. If you post an ad and you do not see it in my ads, that means the admin will check and publish it within 24 hours. If you do not see it within 24 hours, you can contact

Ordering an advertisement.

A tenant must contact you on, and can order and pay. You as the landlord must confirm the booking within 3 days or 72 hours. If the request is accepted within 3 days. Then you deliver and the person who has ordered must mark the order finished, then this is completed and when the money is deducted from the account or card by the tenant. If the ad owner does not accept within 3 days, the order will be rejected automatically. The money was reserved and should not be deducted.

Payment by card.

The landlord will receive money after 7 days. uses for payment services on the marketplace. charges 15% of the amount or at least NOK 30 for its platform services and payment costs and transfer of money into the landlord's account.

The price shown on the ad is the total price including platform costs and VAT. It is the landlord's responsibility to keep accounts properly. The ad owner has the opportunity to go into settings and can define VAT or fee and it comes plus to the price that the ad costs and it is shown on the receipt that is sent to the tenant.

You can change your profile and details.

Post ads.

Change account settings

Define VAT or tax

Define promo codes

You can rent from the marketplace.

You can delete ads and can delete account as well.

You can contact, e-mail,

Both tenants and landlords can communicate with each other on chat in the marketplace.

Cancellation or cancellation.

Preliminary payment by card, You get the opportunity to cancel. You can cancel both before the request is accepted or after the request is accepted. In both situations, cancellation policy wins Flat amount NOK 50 or 15% of the amount. If 15% is less than NOK 50, then NOK 50 is deducted. If 15% is more than NOK 50, what is 15% is deducted. Cancellation request is always sent to the administrator, when paid by card. If the administrator accepts in some cases, then 100% of the amount will be refunded. If the admin rejects this, the total amount minus 15% or NOK 50 will be refunded in both situations before or after the request is accepted.

Once you have created an announce,

In order to receive payment, you must add your payment information.

Please go to payment settings and fill in the required payment information.

You need IBAN NUMBER, you can find it in your online bank or you can go to DNB IBAN CALCULATOR

And select Norwegian account, and enter account number from any bank, press confirm. You get IBAN

It looks like this; A / C for international payments: NO49 7001 XXXX XXX

This is only used so that you can get payment into your account or card. If you still have trouble finding or any questions. Just contact us at

We will give you an answer as soon as possible.

15% on cash transactions as well.

All transactions that are carried out as cash on are registered and invoiced. Airx can send you a payment of 15% of the amount you receive by email where you can get the opportunity to pay by clicking on a link in the email. or if you have registered your card for people to pay you with a card, airx can charge you on that card 15% of the amount you have been paid in cash after the order is completed. and an email will be sent to you with a paid receipt.

Marked ad finished.

It is important to mark the ad finished after it has been delivered. If the user does not mark the ad finished within 3 days. the ad will finish automatically within 3 days. If it is not delivered, then the tenant clicks Dispute. Then 100% money back which was only reserved within 3 working days.

When someone orders your listing.

Then the ad owner has 3 days to accept or reject the order. If you do not do anything about it within these 3 days, the order will be rejected automatically. if you reject or do not accept within the period of 3 days, the transaction will be rejected automatically. If you accept it within these 3 days then the order will be executed.

Report an ad.

When a user reports an ad and writes a reason for false or inappropriate content in the ad. Admin checks this carefully and contacts the ad publisher and can delete the ad or block its user all ads or profile as well. Admin makes reservations in this.